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I am back again for the monthly recap of the Squamish real estate market, and surprise, surprise the hot topic is the shifting market and rising interest rates. Not that this is a bad thing. It’s an incredibly important trend to keep track of that provides insight into the current market. The Bank of Canada’s prime rate saw yet another increase of 75 basis …

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Welcome back to your Squamish Real Estate Market Update for July. Are you confused with this market? If you answered yes, I completely understand why. There has been a very sudden cooling in the market, that literally felt like a light switch went off. Combine that with new policy changes plus huge increases in both inflation rates as well as interest rates. I get …

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I’m sure you have read the headlines that the sky is falling in the housing market. The media truly does like to instill fear, as that’s how they make money. The market outlook is not as bad as they make it out to be. Yes, the market is changing – it has been for a few months now.Yes, the market will see an impact from the …

May Market Update


As you would have noticed from the last two months of market updates we are in a transitioning marketplace, as is the rest of Canada / North America. There are a number of reasons why the market is changing, the most pertinent is the Bank of Canada aggressively increasing interest rates. Why are they doing this? It’s a last ditch effort to curb escalating …

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It is likely not news to anyone that a change is in the air with regards to the local real estate market. Now, whenever there is uncertainty you typically see households and businesses alike pulling back from big purchases. However, it bares repeating that Squamish is NOT in a balanced market just yet. Our sales/active listings ratio is still well above 21% in all …

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It’s officially spring here in Squamish and everyone is out and about soaking up the sunshine. There has been a noticeable change in the market of late, with pricing remaining strong, however, multiple offers becoming less commonplace. Why has this happened? Well its likely a combination of a few things: 1) There have been interest rate rises & a new federal budget released and …

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February was an interesting month, sold pricing & sales went up with inventory & days on market down as compared to February 2021. In February we started to see a few sales come in below list price, with subjects in place. I know, it seems like an eternity since I have said that. That being said, we are still in a sellers market and pricing …

January Market Statistics Squamish Real Estate


And we are back with another market update. The first of 2022. As we discussed in previous blogs, the market last year was really chaotic, multiple subject free offers, record sales prices in the least amount of time were common place. Just when I thought pricing couldn’t possibly keep climbing at this rate, it continued. January 2022 was a quieter month with less sales …


Squamish’s average sale price across all property types in December 2021 was $1,192,249 (+33.5%). We saw 30 new listings to the MLS throughout the month (down 21% year-over-year) and 50 new sales registered which represents a 33% decrease from December 2020. It took an average 15 days to sell a property in Squamish (64% faster than the same time in 2020). The average sales …

Squamish and the Howe Sound

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Realtor I am often asked a lot of similar questions, especially when working with clients who live outside of the Sea to Sky Corridor. Here is a guide of the questions I am most frequently asked… What is an illegal suite, and what are the risks associated? This is a common question that comes up all the time. The first thing I want to clear …

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