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Whistler Schools

Families love Whistler for obvious reasons. Raising children in one of the top-rated adventure destinations in the world has many perks. Access to the best programs, facilities, events and outdoor recreation is every parents dream. Whistler also has a collection of excellent schools. For primary age children there are two public elementary schools and one private schools. Whistler Secondary School is the only high-public school in town which is attended by approx. 350 youth. If you’re thinking of moving to Whistler, here are the schools in the community.

Myrtle Philip Community School

Myrtle Philip Community School was founded in 1976, and is the original primary school in Whistler. The elementary school has grades kindergarten to seven with an enrollment of approximately 300 children. The school prides itself on the values of providing a quality education and a safe and respectful learning environment. The school’s campus is located just north of Whistler Village.

Spring Creek Community School

Ecole Spring Creek Community School is located in the neighbourhood of Spring Creek at the south end of Whistler and caters to grades K-7. The school offers a late French immersion program beginning in grade 5. Spring Creek Community School was opened in 2004 due to growing demand for an additional primary school in Whistler. Student enrollment is now around 350 students with a capacity for 430. The school is committed to providing a Deeper Learning environment to its students, where they can see how classwork relates to everyday life.

Whistler Waldorf School

Whistler Waldorf School (WWS) is a fully accredited independent school which was established in 2000 after popular demand from the community to offer another choice for education in the region. Waldorf Education provides a classical education for the modern world, which is deeply rooted in the disciplines of humanities, arts and sciences. WWS has an enrollment of over 200 students from pre-school to grade 12 and is located in the Alta Lake neighbourhood.

Whistler Secondary School

Whistler Secondary School (WSS) is the only secondary school servicing Whistler and has an enrollment of around 350 students. The school caters for students grades 8-12. Students are encouraged to work hard academically however are encouraged to develop their unique talents including arts, sport and global stewardship. The athletic program at WSS has a 20-year history of producing world-class performances in winter sports and mountain biking. The high-school campus is located in Alpine Meadows.

Ecole La Passerale

Ecole La Passerale is Whistler’s only franophone school admitting students K-7 who meet the eligibility requirements as set out by the Conseil scolaire francophone. Canadian children whose first language is French (and still understand French), and received their primary school instruction in French (not French immersion), are eligible for enrollment. The School is located in Spring Creek, at the south end of Whistler, and forms part of Spring Creek Community School.

The schools in Whistler are like everything else in this community, top rated. Whether your child has academic, artistic or athletic ambitions they will be supported in becoming the best versions of themselves at any of the schools we are lucky to have in Whistler. If you are thinking of moving to Whistler and are after further information about the community, you can reach me on 604-213-0833.

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