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Everything you wanted to know about Ridehub & mountain biking in Squamish, B.C.

Posted by KatieMcLachlan on December 11, 2020
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I had a chance to speak with Sara Archer, CEO of Ridehub and Ridehub Cafe, and an all-round awesome individual this past month. Ridehub is a locally owned and operated business here in Squamish, B.C. (woohoo!) and they have created an incredible offering for locals and visitors alike. Ridehub specializes in providing a one-stop shop for all your mountain biking needs. From rentals to guides, to accommodation and now even fueling your adventures with their new café in Garibaldi Village.

Where it all started

Sara owned and operated a bike guiding business in Ontario prior to her move to Squamish. Why did she decide to relocate to Squamish? The same reason we all did; the mountains were calling! Ridehub was a slow process initially, with lots of obstacles to overcome, like operating on Crown Land and cooperating with BC Parks. But in the end, Sara and the Ridehub team have created a very special product that truly speaks to the wild and outdoorsy nature that is Squamish.

Opening up a café amidst a global pandemic

Sara signed her official lease for Ridehub Café the week prior to the March COVID-19 lockdown. However, that didn’t seem to bother the Ridehub team too much, as they took the time in lockdown as a great opportunity to renovate the space and create a cafe that resembles the welcoming and approachable nature of the Ridehub business as a whole. Talk about lemons into lemonade!

Going topless to reduce waste

Sustainability is hugely important to the Ridehub team, and there are a number of socially conscious initiatives that they have put in place at the cafe. One is promoting ‘going topless’ when ordering a coffee to go. Essentially that means opting for no lid and reducing waste. Another creative solution includes offering customers who don’t have their own vessel to physically take home their glassware and return it into their dirty dish bin to be properly disinfected and washed. Not only is that a great idea, but it also speaks to the trust that Ridehub has in the local community. #SquamishisAwesome

Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA)

I think the Squamish community as a whole can attest to the great work that SORCA does. Sara speaks very fondly about her first SORCA Wednesday night ride where a massive crowd of like-minded locals come together to ride bikes and have a beer and some food. Not only are these events a fun, social way to meet new people and work on your riding skills, it also showcases how the local business community comes together to support this association. SORCA is a not-for-profit, volunteer run association that is mandated to organize events and manage the expansion and maintenance of Squamish’s trail network. If you don’t know about SORCA yet, make sure you take a look here to find everything you need to know.

Agro Roasters and coffee snobs

It’s official Sara is a coffee snob! Likewise, I am part of the coffee snobbery scene myself. It’s hard not to be, especially when growing up in Australia. Those who know, know! Sara has teamed up with Vancouver-based, Argo Roasters for the cafe. She initially sourced the beans based on the companies ethical practises and the fact that they were not being represented in Squamish, however, as soon as she tasted the goods, Sara was HOOKED! The beans are available for purchase in store, as well as in the tasty to-go coffees that are being served up daily.

Squamish, one of the best places to start a business

This is not a well-known fact about Squamish, as there seems to be a misconception about work opportunities in a town of 21,000, but Squamish was voted No.15 in Canada’s Best Places for Business. Sara talks about how majority of her friends in Squamish are all small business owners and that the entrepreneurial spirit is definitely alive and well in Squamish. “If you bring something to the table, Squamish will get behind you!” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Raising a family in Squamish

Not only is Sara a successful business owner who has recently branched out into new terrain of opening a café, but she is also a proud mom of two young Squamish kids #supermom. Sara notes that the best thing about raising a family in Squamish is that it takes her back to her childhood, where kids are able to play in the streets and parents can feel secure knowing that their neighbours are looking out for your kids. The immediate connection to nature right at your doorstep is unapparelled, and kids can be building jumps, going hiking or biking right in their backyard. Beyond the endless adventure that Squamish offers, the community truly is the most incredible feature about this great town.

There you have it, a taster of the many different things that Sara and I discussed. Take a look at the full interview below and let me know what you think.

On a last note, let’s make a conscious effort to SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES! The Squamish business community needs us all to advocate for them, especially during the holiday season. Let’s help everyone keep their doors open through this Pandemic and beyond.

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